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We believe in constantly improving our people and our products.

We understand that creating better products and experiences starts with creating better employee experiences. We take pride in investing in the health, well-being and growth of our people knowing it will lead to healthy, inspired employees. ln many ways, our people are our product. Every team member should feel empowered to grow through their initiative and commitment.​


We believe in the power of data.

Data doesn’t just inform our decision making, it defines us.  We believe most things can be measured, monitored, and iterated.  We believe that most decisions are better when anchored in solid, empirical data.


We believe in getting our hands dirty.​

We are innately curious, and we run towards problems as soon as we see them.  Everyone is a doer of work and accountable to delivering results.  While structure and roles are important, we don’t create layers of management to satisfy corporate norms or ego.  We all carry a load and do it because we care deeply about the work and our teammates around us. 


We believe success comes in the form of a collective and spirited effort.

Our work and mission trumps any one individual.  We do what’s best for the project or product and acknowledge that to be truly successful, it takes teamwork and humility. We know that what can be achieved as a team and working together far tamps the results from any single individual.  We also like to have fun!


We believe trust is foundational in every interaction.

Trust is the product of character, competency, and time.  We believe in ourselves and our teammates and expect that everyone is working to deliver the best results for the team, company, and mission.  Trust unlocks our ability to share ideas and challenge each other in the interest of getting the best results efficiently.


We believe in respecting each other and celebrating our differences.

Our words and actions demonstrate respect for one another and we think intentionally about both.  We allow and encourage others to express themselves openly and we know that differing ideas make us stronger.


We believe that attitude and effort are important, but results are required.

Our people are those that the “important” assignments are given to because they generate and celebrate results above anything else.  We are a meritocracy, which means we recognize and reward performance, and promote a culture based on what’s right rather than who’s right.​