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Our web, social, and email channels give us daily contact with a faith-driven audience. We are connecting advertisers that align with our mission to a highly-engaged community of users.


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Radiant Digital websites are ranked in the top 10 for religion and spirituality sites every year.


Between email, web and social media we have a combined reach of over 141 million people.


Over 40% of our audience across all our brands fall between the ages of 25-44.
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About Radiant Digital

At Radiant Digital, we harness the power of the faith consumer through our portfolio of brands, crafting data-backed solutions to achieve our clients’ goals.
We inspire individuals and families to connect more deeply, live more intentionally, and act with greater love so the world can do the same. We know that love illuminates the darkness, which is why our family of brands focuses on content and services that light the human soul.

We believe lasting life change starts from within. If you want to change the world, change a person. If you want to mend a society, restore a family. If you pray for international peace, experience internal peace first.

In 2023, we welcomed iDisciple and Family Christian into our global faith and family media network, which includes,,, BibleJoy App,, and

Together we stand for deep connection, intentional change, and hope.