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Skylight is your gateway to spiritual wellness. Our soul-expanding exercises and easy-to-use tools help people tap into their spiritual self and connect to greater peace through God. Download the Skylight app on iOS and Android, or find our spiritual wellness exercises on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.


Skylight has been a decade in the making. In 2020 it took a huge leap forward as a small team of innovators came together to tackle the idea of being spiritually well.

Deepest of all—beneath your physical and mental selves, is your spiritual self. Like your body and mind, it can feel, it can hurt, it can heal, and experience wellness. Yes, its feelings are often subtle, but they’re also deep and foundational. Researchers are just beginning to uncover what many have known for centuries: that spiritual health affects other parts of our wellbeing.

The latest studies show that people who regularly care for their spirituality experience:

- Decreased anxiety and depression

- Increased resilience

- A heightened sense of purpose

- An expanded perspective

- A more profound feeling of love for the world around you

With this understanding Skylight was created to help people discover how to connect with themselves, with others, and with their Higher Power.

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User Feedback

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